As well as shooting weddings, I love to capture families and dog portraits in my studio and on location.


For family sessions in the studio you’ll be pleased to hear that I shoot them in a relaxed way, I don’t whip out a measuring tape to line people up, my common phrase is bosie (cuddle) in and if people want to put hands in pockets then go for it. So long as the people you want are in the shot and looking in my direction (for at least one photo) then that is great. We can do any combination and all variations of your family and of course you can bring the dog along.



On location is just like having me join you for a walk in the woods or a stroll along the beach. I can catch you interacting, messing around with the kids, giving cuddles and piggy backs. Lie on the grass, climb up a tree, play on the swings, this chilled out session makes for the best photos that everyone will love.


Dog portraits are about capturing their personalities and trying to get them to do ‘those little things’ they normally do. We can’t ask them to pose or sit still for an hour but if they do have some tricks they can pull out of the bag, of course I would love to see those! Otherwise, we will play, interact and give them cuddles - now you know why I love my job.



I thought the best way to tell you more about my portrait sessions was to write down some FAQs:


How long does a session last?

Roughly one hour (unless otherwise stated in a special offer).


How much does it cost?

A studio session is £60 per sitting and outdoors is £75 and this is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable. This fee includes my time and talent, use of lighting, props (in the studio) and equipment, and my interpretation of post producing the images.. 


Where does the session take place?

In my studio in Inverurie or if you choose to do it on location we can chat through some options together in advance of your session date.


Do you use props?

I only really use chairs, boxes and rugs – nice things to sit on.  Behind the scenes it is good to have treats and toys to help dogs sit, stay and get their attention.


What should we wear?

For humans, I suggest wearing something you love and are comfortable in but where logos and slogans are minimal. If you are having a shoot with other family members/friends try to coordinate but don’t match or clash. Clean shoes please.

For dogs, we can do some photos with a collar and without.


What if my dog won’t sit?

Don’t worry, I can use some of my boxes and chairs to put your dog on and this will help me get a second to capture the shot. Super tasty treats are a great means of bribery so please bring some along - a bagful of little bits of ham, chicken, cheese, whatever (the less messy the better though).


How do I get my photos?

After the session I will book you in for a meeting at The Studio for you to view the images which I will have fully edited. Please bring along everyone to the session who you think would like to make a purchase.

I will provide you with a product list for you to have a think about what you might like and so you can measure up any walls or spaces you fancy filling with photos.

Full payment is due at the time of order, either by cash or card. The average spend is £200+.

After ordering your products will be ready for collection from The Studio within a couple of weeks.


How do I book?

Click on the contact link below and fill in the form or give me a call or text.