Rebekah & Gregg \\ Tamdhu Distillery

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People often ask what an engagement or pre-wedding shoot is and I always say they are two of the same. It is chance for you to get to know your photographer, get more comfortable being in front of the camera and an opportunity to hang out, kiss and hug your soon to be husband or wife. You will see how I work and you will be able to find out what looks best for your actual wedding photos. I always promise it will be fun and you will end up with some great photos, in your 'normal' clothes, to remind you of the days/weeks/months before you got married.

Here's a peek from Rebekah and Gregg's recent engagement session at Tamdhu Distillery, where Gregg works, along with some QUICK TIPS if you decide to do a shoot like this:


- somewhere that suits your style and/or means something to you

- a location that has lots of different backdrops to give you loads of photo opportunities

- I can help if you are stuck or you might want to go to your wedding venue if you have decided on one

- always worth checking if we need permission to use the land/property/grounds


- any time of year

- whatever season means more to you, it could be in the colourful leaves in the autumn, relaxing in summer grass and gardens or cuddling up in the chilly season

- as soon as you are engaged or nearer to your wedding date making it more like a practise run


- something that makes you feel good and is easy to move around in

- that suits your style so that you are you

- both be smart or both be casual so that you complement each other

- suitable for the location (wellies for the mud, boots for the snow, sandals for the beach)

- colour wise, go different, but complementary, you don’t want to match each other, but you do want to coordinate

- empty your pockets of wallets, phones and keys


- go all out and get it done professional, maybe tie it in with your trial for the wedding

- or do it yourself, that is great too, ensuring you are your beautiful self and happy with your look

- remember your lippy in case there is a lot of kissing!


- anything that is relevant to you both, it might be related to your wedding theme or to an activity you both enjoy (like a picnic, we can go for ice cream on the beach or bring your mountain bikes if it is your hobby)

- animals are absolutely welcome (again, always worth checking if we need permission/they are allowed)

- props are not a must, it can just be you and your other half having fun


- just be you, as a couple, hopelessly in love but not cheesy!

- try to pretend I am not there (easier said than done I know)

- walk, chat, laugh, kiss, cuddle and I will keep you right with some relaxed posing so we get the best light and pretty backdrops

- let me know in advance if there is anything to be aware of, like a particular favourite side, so I can keep this in mind

- make a day/night of it, call it a date and continue on for drinks and food afterwards, you'll be dressed to impress after all and I promise I won't tag along!



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