A strong husband and wife team built of muscle and love

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I was introduced to Stuart through The Fitness Guy, Steve Bradley, as he and his wife Caroline were keen to have a fitness style photo session ahead of a body building competition they had been training for. 

On the night of the shoot I was instantly impressed at both Stuart and Caroline's physiques before hearing how much effort and training they had put in.

Although Stuart had competed before a number of years ago, neither of them had done a photo shoot like this. They were both naturals, came up with some great ideas for shots and displayed many confident poses.

What I really liked about this husband and wife team is the support and encouragement they showed for each other during the shoot. I love that they had a shared goal to compete together and at our session they continually provided pointers and feedback as to how each other were doing. 

I thought there is no better way for you to find out more about Team Jarret than to hear from Caroline herself in a Q&A session:


Tell me a little about the competition you have just taken part in?

The competition we entered was the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Scottish qualifiers, Stuart entered Masters physique and I entered Masters Bikini.


Who's idea was it to enter and where did the inspiration come from?

It was Stuart's idea to enter. He wanted to take part in another competition after doing one five years ago and encouraged me to do it with him.


How long had you been training to get in shape?

We had both been training for a long time. Stuart primarily lifts weights and does one cardio session a week. I have trained for years too but a mix of cardio (mostly running, swimming, cycling and classes) and then moved towards more weight training when I met him. I then slowly decreased my cardio workouts until I was just doing one session a week too.


How often did you hit the gym?

We both went to the gym five times a week for about an hour each time.


What did your diet consist of?

Our diet was balanced, made up from lean meats, fish and eggs. Stuart eats veg but I don't. We eat a little fruit and dairy, mostly 'clean eating'.


Were there are any foods/drinks you really missed?

I gave up alcohol and sweets during prep which I did miss. Stuart's diet didn't change much. We didn't really eat 'junk' food before prep, like pizzas, pies, doughnuts etc, so our diet pretty much stayed the same. We used to enjoy the occasional Krispy Creme and brunch on a Sunday which we did without over the 16 week prep.


What was the result of the competition?

Stuart placed first in his category. Unfortunately for me the feedback I got was I was too lean for the class I entered. It's hard to figure out for girls which category suits them best and we knew I would probably be too lean to place. I still did the competition for the experience and it was our goal for us both to compete at the same show.


Are you going to keep the training and clean eating up?

Our lifestyles won't change now that the competition is over. We both enjoy the gym so we'll still be training as usual. We won't be as strict with our diet though, we've a few nights out arranged but we'll gradually increase our calories over time to get back to the levels we were at pre-prep.


What's next for you both?

I am unsure of what's next for Stuart, he isn't sure whether he wants to compete again. I'm aiming to increase my size and enter a competition/class more suited to my build, although this will depend on how I get on with increasing my muscle mass, and it would probably be a competition next year.


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