The Generations

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I have photographed a couple of family weddings over the years and had a few come visit me in the studio, yet I always find them to be the most nerve wracking shoots of all. I guess it's the pressure of having so many familiar faces looking at you through a lens, wanting to make them proud and, although I cry at most weddings, when the bride or groom are your blood, there is the added pressure of capturing the moment as well as trying to enjoy and treasure it, whilst happy tears fill your eyes.

When my Auntie asked me to photograph a session involving four generations of my family I knew this was going to be something special but emotional. The group included my Granny, Auntie, Cousin and her youngest child, who amongst them have a combined age of 185 years. On my Dad's side of the family this is the only all female link to each of the four generations.

Since my Granda passed away in 2014 my Granny's health has slowly deteriorated and her dementia sending her on a rollercoaster of good days and not so good days. Having the ability to photograph this rare family link was going to make for some really special memories but the pressure was building inside of me.

I packed my car with more gear than I usually take, or could possibly need, and headed to my Granny's house in Insch on a very rainy Monday morning to meet with the rest of my family. I was nervous to find out if Granny would be well enough to sit for a period of time out of her comfortable, mobility chair and if the youngest, being only two, would have any smiles for me. 

All seemed fine at the house when I arrived and Granny was looking well with her hair newly permed. I carefully rearranged the living room so as not to agitate Granny, lights sets up and background hung. I was ready to take a test shot, my palms were sweating and mind racing trying to consider the right camera settings for my new surroundings.

We were good to go and then looking down the viewfinder at these four beautiful females my heart burst with emotion. Proud that these people trusted me to capture this monumental moment in our lifetime, sad that these generations can't last forever but so happy and thankful that this is my family and I have been able to witness the years of love each person has had for one another. I now had to get my head down and work hard so that my images would let my friends and followers experience a little bit of all these emotions and that more importantly my family would love my photographs that hopefully capture the four personalities and love between them.  

Back in my office I post produced the images with a very warm heart and a smile on my face. I am delighted to open my heart and my computer and share some of these very special and personal images with you. This is my family, a group of people, each a unique masterpiece, sharing love, hugs and support, one of life's greatest blessings.





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