Hello From The Other SideI can't see you in person right now, but from the comfort of your sofa I’d like to introduce to you the face behind my little business! Thank you to 2020 for challenging us and forcing us to find new and innovative ways to meet people and do business. I figured the best way to reach out to couples who want to know more about wedding photography was to get a little help from a fellow industry professional and friend and create a little video. It's not often I'm on the other side of the camera and I won’t lie to - it was blooming hard, but the amazing Daniel from RIVERCOVE Films managed to make my vision a reality. Thank you! So, if you have a couple of spare minutes, sit back, press play and drop me a line if you'd like to grab a virtual coffee! ☕️


I have been meaning to update this page (and my entire website) for a year or two but it previously felt a little too clichéd and patronising. When I first sat down to write the copy I was starting my journey of self-employment and I probably had my marketing hat on, trying to squeeze in all the trendy keywords that a bride or groom would want to hear. Three years on, I feel I’m in a much better and confident position to talk honestly about how I approach weddings and what makes me tick on the day.

There are elements of so many photography styIes I would say that apply to my work – documentary, natural light, candid, creative, modern - but I see my photography as an artistic collaboration between myself and my couples and a relationship that means far more than just being a wedding photographer. I always say to prospective clients that I am like one of your guests on the day, I just join in (but try not to eat too many canapés or visit the candy cart too often) and I am like an extra bridesmaid, carrying your dress, tying your kilt shoes, helping with buttonholes, taking your dog’s lead, nothing is ever too much of an ask.





This part of your day starts slowly, then takes off at an incredible speed and before you know it you are standing at the top of the aisle. Add in some nerves and a couple of glasses of fizz and the morning prep may escape your memories quite quickly. I like to work away in the background of this hectic part of your day making sure I keep up with all the action and photos of the dress, shoes, hair, make up, guests meet and greet for example, and this will make for a strong start to your collection of memories.



This part of the day is much more relaxed than I think most of my couples imagine it to be. It is about taking a quiet moment away, going for a walk, hugging, kissing, holding hands (ignoring me as your third wheel) and taking the chance to reflect on what just happened! Nothing overly posed, I just keep you right. Hands are funny things, I will make sure they are in the right place and the light is very important so I will want to make sure you are in a good place.


These are important as it is not very often everyone is altogether and looking so smart but I don’t want you to spend 45 minutes stood in the same spot whilst a conveyer belt of people stand beside you, that’s no ones idea of fun.

If you want 20 different configurations of posed family photographs, then I’m probably not the right photographer for you. That said, if you want some lovely photos with your parents and siblings, grandparents, school friends and the bridal party for example, then that is no problem at all.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that I shoot them in a relaxed way, I don’t whip out a measuring tape to line people up, my common phrase is bosie (cuddle) in and if people want to put hands in pockets then go for it. So long as the people you want are in the shot and looking in my direction, I will get through your little pre-planned list of groups as quickly as possible.



The ceremony, speeches and first dance, I simply take what happens. I catch the reactions, the laughter, the tears and everything in between. These are one time moments that I can’t step in and ask for them to be done again and I like that. These emotions are honest and raw and it is my responsibility to catch these so you can relive everyone’s reactions.



The décor, cake, flowers, table centres, favours, entertainers – all the little things you have taken the time to plan, design, make and pay for. So many couples say they didn’t manage to fully appreciate these things on the day so to be able to look back on them and remember it all is really special.






I am there to interpret and document the day and to build a gallery of images that, when you sit down in a year or even 20 years, it feels like you’re there. I want my photos to feel honest and genuine, not staged or heavily stylised. I want my couples to have complete trust in me to do an awesome job and that having me there are as a photographer is actually good fun.


If you have read this far I am guessing you will now want to know about the